Jabesh Gilead your SEO Specialist based in the Philippines

Ensure your websites visibility and rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves optimizing various elements of a website, such as content, meta tags, site structure and backlinks, to make it more appealing to search engine algorithms and users. So let’s work together and let Jab do the job.

SEO. Jabesh Gilead

About Me

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has a track record of success in various fields including automobile, customer service, social development work, and appointment setting. As a highly ambitious and goal-oriented individual, I thrive in dynamic environments where I can apply my diverse skill set to achieve objectives and drive results. My experience has equipped me with strong problem-solving abilities, effective communication skills, and a passion for delivering exceptional service. 

So as an SEO Specialist in the Philippines I provide comprehensive search engine optimization services  to help businesses increase online visibility, organic traffic and search engine rankings. To ensure that the client’s business will stay relevant in the digital space. 


Appointment Setter
September 2022 - April 2023 85%
Customer Experience Specialist
Sales Account / Automotive Industry 90%
Regional Program Officer
Social Development Work - 2018-2024 95%
By prioritizing work ethics and dedication in all aspects of professional life, individuals can build trust with colleagues, clients, and superiors while paving the way for long-term success and fulfillment in their careers.

What Services I'm Providing as an
SEO Specialist in the Philippines

Keyword Research Mapping | Website Audit | On-Page & Off-Page Optimization | Content Creation | Analyzing Performance Metrics

Jab Service KRM
Keyword Research and Analysis

Unlock your website’s potential with explicit Keyword Research & Analysis by experts. Elevate your SEO strategy for optimal online visibility

On-Page SEO

Enhance website performance and visibility with expert On-Page Optimization techniques. Maximize SEO impact and user experience effortlessly.

Jab Service OffPage Opt
Off-Page SEO

Expand your website’s reach and authority through strategic Off-Page Optimization methods. Boost rankings and credibility across the web.

Jab Service Content Creation
Content Creation and Optimization

Optimize it for maximum impact with our expert Content Creation and Optimization services. Elevate your brand’s online presence

Reporting and Data Analysis

Gain insights and track progress with comprehensive SEO Reporting and Data Analysis services

SEO tools that I use:

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By choosing me as your SEO Specialist, you're not just hiring a service provider – you're investing in a strategic partner committed to propelling your online presence to new heights. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.